The Board

The founding members of The Indie Vision Project have extensive experience in all phases of film production, business startup, business development, and marketing.

Scott C. Brown – Founder & CEO

With a strong background in film, starting as a child actor, Scott brings this and his business experience to the forefront in creating the Indie Vision Project. His extensive writing experience is brought to bear in creating customized scripts that will utilize the pieces of this project to the optimum level.
As a writer, Scott has successfully sold & optioned dozens of screenplays, with many being developed and/or produced. As a publisher and businessman, he bought a small community newspaper for $15K and grew it into a $3.5 million tristate publishing company in just over 2 years.
In addition to writing and producing, he is also the publisher of the fastest growing indie film site on the internet, Max It Magazine with 1.2 million people visiting in its first year online.

The Advisory Board

The Indie Vision Project is backed by a solid advisory board with an extensive understanding of film, startups, and business development.

Ronald Karel

With undergraduate degrees in both science and mathematics and a masters in Computer science, Ron brings extensive research & development skills to the group through his 10 years at Tektronix in a blue sky development group. Taking existing tech knowledge and creating new products, he developed a software system to test integrated circuit designs for errors before they are built. Hired away from Tektronix, Ron went to work at the startup TriQuint to do design verification on the gallium arsenide integrated circuit chip fabrication that TriQuint developed. TriQuint, is now a multibillion dollar company and best known for making computer chips for Apple products. It is also the leader in high performance RF components for wireless communication.
With a $3K investment, Ron left TriQuint and started Integrated Financial Solutions, where he created software that took satellite market information and linked it to a user's computer, giving a home investor access and control of the same information a stock broker would see in an office. He then developed the analytics technology that allowed a private investor to make informed trades from home. He successfully sold the company and its 6K clients for $1.5 million to DTN.

Albert Whipple

With more than 25 years experience in distribution sales and leadership, Albert managed the largest commercial account for Tektronix, developing the Western Region from $0 into $40 million a year in only 3 years. Extensive experience in startup and Fortune 500 companies, Albert brings a focused edge to strategy planning and implementation.
Some of the projects he has worked on include; engineering workstations to custom robotics in nuclear cleanup business, software from Knowledge Management to Engineering Document Control and expensive Project Management services. He now consults with businesses of all levels, startups to Fortune 500 companies, through his company Edge Enabled.

Bill Osco

As an indie producer and director, Bill produced more than two dozen films for a combined budget of less than $10 million that grossed over $300 million in sales and are still finding distribution.
Two of these projects were the highest grossing indie films of their year. One was nominated for an Academy Award for special effects.