Interested In Investing In The Indie Vision Project?

Are you a qualified investor looking for a solid ROI on your money? Don’t risk it with stand-alone films. Ask about The Indie Vision Project slate approach to micro-budget filmmaking.

Unlike many projects, The Indie Vision Project is not a start-up, but is actively in operation and funded for current operations. Seeking 3rd tier funding, for expansion of current operations, an investor packet is available to qualified investors, with two levels of initial investing available.

Some things The Indie Vision Project has in place:

  • Distribution
  • Proof of Concept
  • Merchandising
  • Extensive talent list attached
  • Under $50K invested & a $1.1 million valuation on first 2 films
  • Offers on first 2 films
  • Presales initiated on multiple films
  • High production value
  • Low overhead
  • Built in audience base of 60+ million
  • Currently in operations
  • Financial evaluation
  • Much, Much More

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