The Company

The Indie Vision Project, created by Scott C. Brown & Jonathan Cocco of Pushing The Pen, is an intellectual properties company that has a production slate of 150 films set to be completed over the next 6 years. The first 2 films in the slate are in final post production and over a dozen more are currently in development, preproduction, production, and set for presale.

With an extensive combined list of traditional and social media talent, this library of feature & series length films has a current combined audience base of more than 66 million viewers. Distribution for the slate is currently represented at all major film markets, along with confirmed digital distribution through a secondary platform.

The Creators

In the beginning of the project, Scott & Jonathan began working closely with traditional & social media talent to help them expand their audience base, while laying the foundation for The Indie Vision Project. Knowing they needed an extensive list of qualified cast & crew, they worked aggressively to show that their focus was an open & honest way of doing business. This included creating a level playing field of profit sharing for everyone involved, based on their involvement of the project. Investors, cast, crew, and the studio itself in the way they conduct operations are equal opportunity partners, which has allowed them to grow their business from a single camera operations, to a multiple production team studio in less than 3 years.

The Films

The first 2 films in The Indie Vision Project, which are in final post, were shot for less than $50K, but now have a market valuation of more than $1 million and are currently set to be represented at all major film markets.

As a writing & producing team Scott & Jonathan began expanding their already successful operation of creating original micro-budget films and series content, with extremely high production value, integrated with traditional & social media talent, in late 2014. Since then they have shot the first 2 features in the slate, have 5 others in production, and another 18 in preproduction.

The Competition

As their success grew, Scott & Jonathan expanded their focus on helping other filmmakers gain the attention they deserve. First by taking on outside projects and mentoring their creators through the filmmaking process, then working with them to gain traction in the audience pool and finally by bring outside projects into The Indie Vision Project, as part of their First Time Directors Program.

Now, as the company has continued to gain traction, Scott & Jonathan have launched The Indie Vision Project’s Screenwriting & Directing Competition. Knowing they could help more screenwriters and directors gain recognition, they have launched a new type of competition. One where the winning screenwriter has their project produced and distributed. Another where the winning first time director is given the opportunity to shoot a funded feature film or pilot, and then see it distributed.

The Indie Vision Project currently accepting limited qualified investors for the scaling of current operations. For those interested in investing, CLICK HERE.